A Right Balance of the Student-Advisor Working Relationship

One important aspect of preparing your dissertation proposal is getting all the help that you can from your dissertation advisor or tutor. The involvement of this person is very important in the process of your thesis writing, especially in the most important part which is preparing your proposal. You should involve your advisor or tutor because this person’s contribution is essential to your success. In fact, without it, you will surely fail. Thus, you need to see to it that you create and maintain an excellent working relationship with him or her.

Your advisor or tutor will help or guide you to make your dissertation proposal. Your working relationship with him should be the correct mix of mentor-apprentice, overseer-overseen, superior-subordinate and not manager-worker. Mentor-apprentice because you will be working on your own craft but with the counsel of your advisor’s wisdom. Overseer-overseen because as your advisor or tutor, he will see to it that your are working in the path towards the right direction. Superior-subordinate because you still need to follow his pieces of advice. Even though they are pieces of advice, you must follow them because they are the only ways in which you will succeed in your goals.

In preparing and writing your dissertation proposal, your advisor or tutor is not your manager and you are not his worker. You work for your own goal and manage your own work. He will not manage you and your work; it is not his function. Managers, especially in the corporate environment, manage a certain work and the people involved because they will be directly benefited of the work’s success. On the other hand, advisors and tutors actually derive just a very little amount of benefit from the success of the work and this is the fulfilling feeling of having helped you.

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