Basic parts of a dissertation outline


In writing a dissertation, planning how and what to write is very crucial. One’s passing or failure is largely dependent on the content of the dissertation. To organize the content of the paper, there is a need to draft a dissertation outline. The dissertation outline will allow the writer to draft a quick but coherent summary of what he intends to include in his paper.

A dissertation outline could be divided into five main parts – introduction, literature review, research methodology, results and conclusion. The parts will eventually make up the whole dissertation. A short discussion about the five basic parts of the outline will follow.


The introduction is the main door to the dissertation. The writer must state the problem that needed to be resolved and provide some background. He could provide an overview of why the dissertation was undertaken. The writer must then provide a summary of questions and formulate a hypothesis. One must also define the scope and limitations of the study, as well as the terms to be used in the dissertation.

Literature review

In the literature review, the writer must first explain the purpose of the review. He will then provide short summary of the review methods. The writer must then discuss and analyse the literatures and explain its relevance to the dissertation.

Research methodology

Herein, the writer must describe the procedures in collecting empirical data and how relevant they are in resolving the dissertation problem. The writer must divulge where and how he will get the data needed for the dissertation.


The writer must present the findings of the study here. He must be able to clearly describe the results. The writer must then discuss and interpret the results.


The conclusion provides the summary of the whole dissertation. The writer must be able to show that his aims and objectives were met by the dissertation findings. He could also provide suggestions for future dissertations.

A dissertation outline is powerful tool that lets the writer organize his work. It is a great dissertation help that allows the writer to create a quality piece.

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