Different Research Sources for Dissertation Writing

Dissertation writing is a very long form of work. This lengthy piece of endeavour is about a topic that you choose. The process of completing this important undertaking in your life requires you to do a high level of research. You must go beyond the confines of your library and your university.

  • Databases – You can start your huge search for materials to use in your research for your dissertation writing from databases. In them, you can find journal articles and conference minutes, proceedings and other documents which are relevant to the topic you have chosen. When using the library, whether the ones in your university or those which are outside, you need to refer to library catalogues. They will help you locate books, minutes and documents from conferences and dissertations within the scope of your topic which were submitted by those before you.
  • Conferences – Databases are a very rich source for materials. Through it you can get access to organised data which is compiled bibliographically. Tens of thousands of journals are indexed in databases. Some more tens of thousands of conferences and their proceedings can also be found in the databases. Articles from the most prestigious professional journals can be accessed using databases.
  • Other Theses – You can also browse dissertation writing of previous degree candidates through databases. There are ones which are indexes to theses. Such include abstracts which you can skim through. Most of them cover almost everything about a subject area and almost all subject areas. Scale down your search to the most relevant materials you can find.
  • Updates – There are also databases and indexes which hold the full text copies of numerous journals. They also have a databank for the abstracts of hundreds of journals and their articles. The institutions maintaining these databases and indexes usually update their depository every month. Thus, you can access newly done theses. Library catalogues are very helpful in your research for your thesis. They are very good starting point for looking for resources which are relevant and useful for research and thesis writing. You can start your long search here.

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