Dissertation Writing Guidelines on Choosing Dissertation Topics


Even before you start in studying for your undergraduate degree or master’s degree, you would already know if the degree has a dissertation project. This would give you some time for the initial preparations since the entire duration of the project from planning the dissertation proposal up to the time in completing the actual dissertation document could take from several months to a few years depending on the requirements of the specific degree you are taking. Choosing a topic is the major initial step in the dissertation writing task so that you should make sure that you choose a good topic that is interesting for you, and would catch the attention of your supervisor and the dissertation committee that is supervising your project.

The process of selecting a dissertation topic that is effective and interesting does not happen overnight. You should not be too hasty in selecting a topic because you could discover later that the topic is difficult to research, and it is not feasible to write about it. So I will share several general dissertation writing guidelines or tips for choosing good dissertation topics so that the students reading the tips could overcome their difficulties in making the right decision for their choice of topic.

The general dissertation writing tips for choosing a topic:

  • Select a topic that is familiar for you, but you should also make sure that the topic is interesting for your supervisor and the dissertation committee. You could make a list of initial topics that are interesting and you feel passionate about. Show the list of initial topics to your supervisor and get his feedback about the list. Take note that the quality and outcome of your research study, the writing of the document, and on how you discussed and argued the topic could depend on the topic you selected.
  • Choose a topic that is relevant and useful for the career you would pursue. You could also select a topic that is related or relevant to the job specialisation you are taking. Choose field of study in research that is unique or has not been written before since originality and innovation are factors that would be noticed by the dissertation committee.
  • Choose a research problem that is solvable, within the range of your budget, feasible to research, and could be performed under the resources available for you. The topic should also be possible to complete within the duration provided for you.

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