Divulging Trends in Marketing Essays

As a student, it is not uncommon to study an online essay to keep up with the demands of courseworks. Students regularly look at relevant concepts, attempting to siphon the writing approach employed for the exploration of such concepts.

However, students shouldn’t only be looking at concepts and coursework models. If they want their submitted material to maintain relevance, they must expand their reading to those emerging trends that threaten or embody the real nature of those oft-discussed concepts.


Delving with the trend

In the case of marketing essays that focuses on how brands attempt to mark their way among their target niches, today’s trend may bring them close to the challenge of a saturated market. In this characterised saturation, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate their brands from the rest of the players. In fact, it has become usual for its target niches to dismiss them as part of the whole horde. This consumer phenomenon is clearly detrimental to its operations.

One of the solutions siphoned out of this trending issue is through the interblending of a standardised procedure (service or method of manufacture) with the local need and tastes.

Is it the holy grail of branding?

“Going local” is not just a direct means to attract local numbers. Rather, it is also an effective method for proffering colourful hats behind a unified face. Translating that to consumer experience, an avid user can expect a variety of ways to enjoy a product, receive a service or have both.

Take note that marketing essays require supportive details to enhance the role of localising to branding. Let the following entries provide an example as to how this takes effect:

♦ Know Them and What they Need/Want


This means that companies have to begin acknowledging the locality’s needs or wants. For a shopping mall, this may entail re-examining their company’s image in relation to the needs of its urban dwellers, or what they have to offer to the more rural spots.

Profile and demographics are just two of the most crucial information to be handy with if such acknowledgement is to be taken seriously. In a sense, knowing your brand’s locality, its needs or wants entail an expansion: from consumers to the collective community.

♦ Tweak your Brand to Become the Need/Want

Translating the company’s acknowledgement into action – or something invaluable to its target niches involves the “retrofitting” of promotional campaigns and ads towards those recognised needs and tastes.

In sum, trends add an interesting punch in students’ marketing essays. Hence, examining and incorporating trends should never be ditched nor underestimated. While this has a good potential of garnering great marks, its advantages remain to benefit best the writing students.

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