Fresh Campaign for a Revitalised Marketing Essay

The usual marketing essay writing is becoming boring. If you want to be able to submit something interesting, you need to be engaged yourself.

Students having this line of thought should ditch the ‘common’ topics. They can improve their writing experience, as well as, the content of their written piece by opting something new. This means you are only to settle with the latest trends, provided that it piques your curiosity.

A perfect topic example would be outdoor advertising as it comes with fresh formats. Its rooting for interactivity is also a plus. If you are to pursue this, what line of content is advisable for you to follow?

i. Start with the basics: Every marketing essay beings with the beginning – that is, the introductory part. A suggestive approach to scribbling that introduction is by relating the speeding development in the campaigns.


To substantiate this claim, implicate some visible observations, like the overhauled ads from the printed, radio and television to the handy smartphone and tablet devices. At the end of all this, assert the emerging popularity of outdoor marketing.

ii. Spell effectiveness: Popularity of this emerging tactic isn’t only grounded in the visible ads; rather, it should be presented in light of its projected and actual results. In other words, you should not only capitalise in listing the benefits of outdoor marketing. Capturing the target niche’s response of the outdoor campaign and putting it in intensive analysis – or something like this, or more concrete (specific) than this should be implicated in the marketing essay.

iii. The benefit: Sometimes, companies just have to push that ‘extremist’ button and experiment. The best and most ideal result of such a risk should be one of the following or all:

a. The ad and the product/service becomes an easy talk-of-the-town campaign.

b. Communicating with the target niche is stretched as consumers who enjoy the outdoor campaign tend to allow longer interaction or ‘exchanges’ with it.

c. As outdoor marketing continues to emerge as an effective campaign, outdoor slots becomes more competitive promising more choices and leaner costs (in the future).

A bonus tip: you might need to get more creative in terms of collecting your data. For one, you could arrange an interview with a firm that already uses outdoor marketing. The same can be said of firms that offers outdoor marketing services.


And if you could take it a step further, why not get out and experience outdoor marketing? Take notes about the campaign, your response, as well as, others. This topic should not only add spice to your piece; you could actually take it for your discourse. In that case, you’d be better off collaborating with a custom UK dissertation support.

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