How to Make Your Little Boy Love to Take Law When He Grows Old

Parents differ in skin colour, in height, in language. But their hope for their child is universally the same:

it’s for their children to realise their potentials and live a wealthy life.

Indeed, it is the parent’s ultimate mission to aid their child towards their dreams. And if that dream means taking up law and becoming a practising lawyer, then it is with commitment that parents have to follow the following suggestions:


1) Expose the child to the tenets of law. You can make this possible by letting him view films that are educational and entertaining – and present either in hindsight or explicitly law’s tenets. After watching the film, engage your child into a discourse. In this post-film activity, parents will let their child ask anything about the film; they will also try answering these questions as best as they can.

Providing answers that satisfies the child’s curiosity and amusement, especially to questions involving law, is the key to fostering the child’s interest in the field.

2) Introduce the prerequisites of law. Philosophy and political science are considered to be the top two prerequisites of law. Philosophy, in specific, involves a heavy amount of reasoning – an activity which comes as imperative in the study and practise of law.

Political science, on the other hand, entails the absorption of information involving existing laws, guidelines for enforcing the law, as well as, its creation and violation. Since the child is too young to really delve into the technical side of each prerequisite, parents would have to resort to a more “fun” tactic.


Reasoning can be made fun by engaging the child to debate. This activity should, however, be properly mediated as kids might end up getting a bit physical. Political science, on the other hand, can work best as trivia questions. Every time they reveal the answers to the political science trivia, parents may also elaborate a bit more to their children.

3) Visit law courts and law schools. Kids love field trips. Bringing them in places wherein law is studied and practised could enliven their imagination. Perhaps, one day, they would want to see themselves working in these places.

4) Enrich their literature. Start providing interesting books in your little kid’s mini-library. Is there a story about a solicitor or barrister? Look for those colourful ones and make time for storytelling.

And that’s how you build your child’s aspirations for law.

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