Planning and Creative Writing for a Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation proposal is the document that discusses the detailed summary of the various procedures, methodology and other activities under the dissertation project to be pursued by the undergraduate degree or master’s degree student. Before the actual writing of the dissertation project document, the student would submit the proposal document to the supervising or dissertation committee, which would oversee the student’s dissertation project. When the committee approves the proposal document, the proposal is similar to a contract that binds the student to undertake and complete the actual dissertation project.

The writing of a dissertation proposal document involves several stages or phases of planning, preparing, actual writing, and proofreading and editing of the document. If you are an undergraduate degree or master’s degree student who is writing a proposal document for the first time, there are several tips or guidelines that you should learn. Among the most important tips would be the brainstorming for the thoughts, ideas, and information that should be included in the proposal document. Before the brainstorming, write down the chapters or sections of the proposal, which consists of the title page, table of contents, abstract, introduction, literature review, research aims and methodology, assessment or evaluation of data, expected findings or results, schedule, budget and resources, bibliography, and appendices. Then, you should think and determine the thoughts, ideas and other information that should be included in each chapter.

However, the brainstorming for the information that should be included in the dissertation proposal document would not be the only initial factors to consider in writing your proposal document. Another factor you could possibly include in the writing of the proposal would be the style of creative writing for the document. When you have finished in brainstorming and determining the applicable and relevant information that should be included in each chapter of the proposal document, you could also consider on how you write the discussions and information for each chapter of the proposal.

Although the supervising committee and the supervisor who are overseeing your dissertation project would recommend that you use a formal style of writing for both the dissertation project document and the proposal document, you could also include your own personal style of creative writing for each or some of the chapters of the proposal document. For example, the prose and narrative styles are two forms of writing that could be applicable for the creative writing style for the proposal document. The prose is the style of writing that uses an ordinary grammar structure and natural flow of speech. Since the proposal document consists of several chapters that are structured in a logical order, the discussions and information in each chapter could be written in a flow of reading that has a definite beginning, middle and end.

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