Research Guidelines


Writing a dissertation means you will extensively discuss a topic. You must go beyond the materials your university’s library can offer in searching for information which are more specialised. When doing a literature search, you need a few guidelines to help you. This is because the search should be systematic. You need to be systematic in looking for and choosing materials for your work.

In searching for materials for your assignments, you have included journal articles and books, among others. However, literature search for thesis writing is more comprehensive. You must include materials from other libraries because your reference list should be more extensive. This way, you are able to see to it that you have read about your topic as broadly as possible.

When you do a literature search, you need to define the boarders of your topic range, plan your search, search systematically, review the materials you have gathered and talk with the librarian. You start your search with having a clear picture of the scope of the range of your general subject. With this, make a preliminary search. Look for information that will help you narrow down your topic. Get some ideas from published literature and make your own ideas based on them.

So that you can plan your search well, break down your topic into keywords. Make a detailed analysis of your topic and the keywords. Make a list of the keywords and use it as a guide when doing your research. Also, prepare a list of which library catalogues, databases and internet gateways, among others which you will search. Research is very crucial in writing the thesis. The whole process of writing the thesis involves planning, research, writing and proofreading. Each phase is an important part of the whole. In other words, dissertation writing guidelines include research guidelines.

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