Specifics to Not Overlook in Dissertation Writing

Preparation is very important in dissertation writing. This very crucial task should be given careful thought and planning. In the planning phase, you need to allot time for the research and the final writing. While you are still in the research phase, you can write along the way. However, you need to allot time for the final writing phase. This is because it will include the final writing itself, review, printing, binding and preparation of tables, diagrams and photographs.

  • Reverse Time – One good way to plan and lay out a timetable for your dissertation writing is to do it in reverse. This is because the latter parts should be given more time and more allowance time. Start with the deadline backwards. The sequence, from the end, can be deadline, cushion time, final writing with its components, research with initial writing and planning as the start.
  • Working with Your Advisor – In planning your timetable, you need to consider the schedule of your dissertation writing supervisor. You need your supervisor to read and discuss your manuscript with you before you start the final printing. Plan ahead with your supervisor the time you will give for the reading and discussion. Set work completion milestones or frequency of updating. It is also better to add to the discussion the length and structure of the dissertation and the dissertation format before you start writing.
  • Place and English – Before you start writing, you need to evaluate how good your written English is and think about where you are going to do your writing. For your writing locations, you need to choose those in which no one can disturb you and in which your materials should always be safe. Your home or your bedroom will do. Just see to it that you can manage your time and focus when you write in these places. You can also go to the library and bring your materials if permitted. The library is sure to be quiet and it offers more additional materials. About your written English, you can use different kinds of help. These could be from writing guidelines recommended by your university, department, professor or advisor. You can also get writing help from professionals.

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