The Present State of Education

Education has always been a central concern for the society. Parents, guardians and families see the importance of education in their young loved ones. The future of the youth is a matter of the greatest importance for the people and the government. Education should keep with the times. It should keep with advancement of technology, society and the economy, whether progressing or digressing.



Part of the society and economy is the political situation of the country in which the young people are citizens and in which they are being educated. Students who are in universities in countries which are experiencing political unrest and economic depression do not get the right quality of education they deserve and need. In the process, they do not get in school the knowledge and skills required in real life.

Education at Present

In this year 2013, the United Nations is discussing how to update its Millennium Development Goals. To do so, one proposal says that it be changed into the Sustainable Development Goals which has a wider focus covering school age learning to the quality of higher education. Together with this development, it has emerged that an analysis conducted by a high level group organised by the European Commission reports that the quality of teaching in the continent is unsatisfactory.

A Recent Study

The study reports that the level of commitment to the best practice in the delivery of the core teaching mission does not conform to expected standards. The performance of the core mission is sporadic at best and frequently reliant on the enlightened commitment of a few individuals, the study finds. The same patterns are also observed in the United States and have been a concern.



The low quality of teaching and learning experience is attributed to the low effort and competence of the teachers to motivate their students. Most educators have developed the attitude of leaving most of the learning responsibility on their students. For them, it is up to the young people to get the most of the money their families and they themselves have invested in education. They seem to forget their responsibility of being educators, their core mission. In the process, the students are less motivated. The reduction of education to a commodity have rubbed on to them. Their aim is no longer to learn or even earn good grades. It is simply to “get” passing grades so that they can move on, graduate and get a job.

Knowledge and Skills

As a result of the lack of passion of many educators to teach, their students become less interested in learning themselves. In schools and courses where admission is given to those who show genuine passion and potential abilities upon application, the fire fades or burns out. How much more in institutions and subjects which do not? As mentioned, they are content at finishing their studies with a passing grade. They do not skip school but they skip learning and jump to graduating and getting a job. A further consequence is that they do not have enough amount of knowledge and skills or the right kind to do their jobs.

Motivated Students

On the other hand, students who are motivated by their teachers are busy studying and honing their skills in the theoretical, technical and practical aspects of their subjects. With their occupied time and thoughts, they even need the help of essay writing services with their aim of perfecting their learning. They live up to the true essence of their occupation of being a student; and that is to study. Their passion brims even to the details as a dissertation format in research they are doing or an underlying principle in a theory they are practicing.

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