Why Realistic Dissertation Tips Are Important

Today’s era of students and researchers are marked with the strong platonic relationship with Tips. Frankly, no one could blame them: tips about dissertation working are aplenty in the Internet. And yes, they badly need those, too.

Unfortunately, not all dissertation-tips are best for students. Before getting anywhere closer to perusing and applying such tips, students need to understand that these tips could be helpful to some, but never all.

In other words, students should not look at tips as a one-size-fits-all fix. Still, students do; and worse, they sink into a fantasy of stress-free dissertation work. So, what’s the best antidote to a tip’s side-effect?


Students or budding researchers need to start watching out for those overtly optimistic dissertation tips. They must guard themselves against tips that give solutions without exposing the conditions to which such tips work.

In short, students’ vigilance should stir them close to a problem-and-solution kind of dissertation tips.

To operate under correct assumptions

What makes unrealistic dissertation tip fatal is its tendency to foster misconceptions regarding the dissertation-writing task. Ethan Siegel of ScienceBlogs is just one of the straightforward ones. In his post, “The Secret to Writing Your Dissertation,” real stuff behind dissertations was exposed:

1. It is not the definitive work on whatever your primary research topic is.

2. It is not going to settle long-standing arguments in your field.

3. It is not the most important piece of research or writing you’ll ever undertake.

4. And finally, it is very likely not even a document that anyone outside of your committee

(with the exception of a few good friends, and possibly your grandmother) will ever read.


Blunt honesty like this should be rewarded because it effectively lifts the veil off the students’ head. They need to know that dissertations are important under specific but forgivable contexts (i.e., academic or individual’s purpose).

To lighten the burden of pressure

Misconceptions add up to the inherent pressures of dissertation work. Such pressure could make or break students; it could fuel them to work harder, as well as, paralyse them. With realistic tips, students are given the chance to lighten up their load. As a consequence, they are able to just work on and leave roadblocks behind. Their focus is essentially narrowed to the extent that what they see in front aren’t dangling carrots, but a vivid end. Their dissertation is finally finished and fulfilled.

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